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Our Native Plant Garden

Here at WBR we are reminded daily that many birds are predominantly insectivores. Moreover, almost all babies need caterpillars and bugs (to use a non-scientific word) for necessary protein. With this in mind, we are happy to have our own native plant garden because native plants host more desirable insects and pollinators than non-natives.

An example is boxwoods, a popular shrub which supports only one type of insect while most native shrubs support a large number of native insects. Non-native marigolds support three insect species while native asters support 105 species. Violets are often pulled out or sprayed by gardeners; however, they support 27 species of native butterfly and moth populations.

Just as baby birds need care, so does our wonderful garden asset. You or someone you know may want to help with the garden by volunteering with our gardener, Becky, who will welcome gardening help (on-the-job training!) on the 4th Saturday of the month (in June it is the 25th, July the 23) from 10am-noon. Please contact her at (314) 968-9725 to coordinate or just show up. We are located at 9624 Midland Blvd. in Overland. You will learn about natives and Becky may offer you one of our plants as a thank-you! Lynne Breakstone